domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

Quien fuera lluvia pa caerte encima

Un piropo es un azote.

1. You Don't Love Me (Dawn Penn)
2. Since I Left You (The Avalanches)
3. Maldito (Jessy Bulbo)
4. Jimmy Adja (Of Montreal)
5. We Major (Kanye)
6. Tírate (Café Tacuba)
7. Y volveré (Los Angeles Negros)
8. House of Cards (Radiohead)
9. Epic Moves (Blank Dogs)
10. Isolation (Joy Division)
11. El humo te hace mal (Los Peyotes)
12. You're Gonna Loose (Jay Reatard)
13. So Haunted (Cut Copy)
14. Leif Erikson (Interpol)
15. Tear You Apart (She Wants Revenge)
16. Son of a Gun (The Vaselines)
17. Tú No Ta Pa Mí (Omega)
18. Faerie Dance (Plants and Animals)
19. Better Than Anything Ever (Paul Baribeau)
20. Zombies (King Khan & BBQ)
22. Up In Them Guts (Zach Galiafianakis & Fiona Apple)
23. Heartbreaker (MSTRKRFT)
24. Hold On (Holy Ghost!)
25. I Feel (Lenguas Largas)
26. RCD Song (Blank Dogs)
27. Disorder (Joy Division)
28. Fade Into You (Macy Star)
29. You Fucked Up (Ween)


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